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Despite the telecom employees who do not recognize Telecom from outside Telecom, the use of Telecom employees such as a chopping ground grinder in order to ask the political account from the past, to be placed outside the door to be left out of the door, but not the fulfillment of the promises to be fulfilled, despite the fact that the remarks are not fulfilled. If Turkish Telecom employees did not commit suicide such as France Telecom staff, it has a significant share of the moral structure of the community in which the community lived in the Turkish telecom employee.

Privatized institutions, the expertise of an expert field staff with employment in unrelated topics (for example, the best to be followed by the bulb stock of electronics engineers in Turkey, means attaching a board, to be appointed as the archivist staff have done a doctorate, the officials of Turkey’s most skilled human resources experts card Propagation with the control that has not pressed the control in the accounting unit as a senior executive, to task the dining house plug as a photocopy officer of people who have served as a photocopying officer of people who have served in very important marketing projects or are not given to the majority of personnel from customized marketing projects, it is not to be encouraged to be a debit officer. The information of the knowledge, the experience, the ability of the ability, the ignomination of the acquisition, brain power is the waste of knowledge, to knowledge, education and ability.

The scenery created by all these faulty applications is: A public structure that cannot do Halva in his hand, while the oil is sugar, flour. It is not injured from their knowledge, their accumulation, experiences, for years, trafficked, resentful, unwilling tens of thousands of privatization victims are disrupted in the institutions they are transmitted, unhappy public officials and more impaired public impeller.

Within the framework of the facts that are tried to describe above; After the Turkish telecom privatization, we supply and demand the establishment of the Assembly Research Commission to be determined and solved by the investigation of employees.

3. To determine the parliamentary research in order to determine the measures of the provinces in the North Anatolian fault line, to determine the estimation risk of the provinces in the North Anatolian fault line (10/698)

In order to determine whether the provinces on the North Anatolian fault line is prepared against an earthquake, we provide parliamentary research in accordance with Article 104 and 105 of the Constitution 98.

Without the human factor, we call the natural place and the natural disaster to the natural place and the natural place that occurs in a certain period of time and the flow of the general life of general life, such as production, infrastructure, transportation and communication.

As we all know, some of the natural disasters are known to be taken in advance, various measures are taken or minimized. However, when some of the time will be unknown, the violence and effect cannot be calculated. The best example of that is earthquake.

Earthquakes are very large that the damage to whether to be calculated with seconds. The main damage is the earthquake called the main shock. Is an earthquake with a destructive property. A pioneer earthquake in mild violence before the main shock. This earthquake has destructive property. The earthquake occurring after the main shock is aftering earthquake and may be the destructive feature.

In these earthquakes that occur, people may be damaged in a variety of ways. People make a shock effect on it. It causes disability, infectious and psychological disorders to exit psychological disorders. Cause the country to give very great economic losses.

The North Anatolian fault line is the largest fault line in our country. V

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